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Memorial Day Reflections

Monday, May 28th, 2012

As we enjoy the holiday and honor hose who served, I wanted to call attention to an expanded tax credit to motivate hiring veterans, who are more likely to be unemployed than those who did not serve in the military. Late in 2011, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit was expanded to offer as much as $9,600 per eligible veteran hired by a for-profit employer or up to $6,240 for tax-exempt organizations. The amount of the credit varies according to the length of the veteran’s period of unemployment, the number of hours he or she works at the new job and the amount of first-year wages. The credit is maximized for employers who hire veterans with service-related disabilities. The new hires must be certified and there is some required paperwork. Check with your accountant for guidance or read the details on the IRS’s website.