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Network Security Measures on Vacation

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

As the summer travel season begins, hackers will no doubt increase their attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in airports and hotels. Business travelers and those who conduct some business while on vacation should exercise care when using unsecured WiFi networks in airport, hotels and other public places. In addition to personal identifying information, business and trade secrets may be at risk. The FBI recently advised travelers of the risks of malware attacks to laptop computers over hotel WiFi networks. Exercise caution yourself and remind your employees that all of the usual security protocols apply even when using the business laptop, tablet or cell phone while on vacation. And given what national security officials consider to be an increased threat risk, consider the following:

  • Prepare before the trip. Before you travel, confirm that your anti-virus software is updated on your laptop and all sensitive files are securely encrypted. You may wish to change your passwords both before and after travel.
  • Limit your online activities to when you have a secure Internet connection. Security breaches more commonly occur when travelers are using WiFi or even worse, free WiFi. Sometimes “free” can be very expensive! If you can, refrain from online work until you are sure you are certain of a safe Internet connection.
  • Stay current on alerts. The latest travel-related scam involves phony airline e-mails offering convenient online check-in. The recipient clicks the link and is unaware that his information is being tracked from that moment.

And be aware of your environment. When you have the laptop at the hotel pool, you will be less vigilant than you would be while sitting at your desk. Don’t let your relaxed setting lull you into taking needless risks.