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Holiday Safety for Pets in the Office

Sunday, December 20th, 2015
Safely Waiting for Santa

Safely Waiting for Santa

Most workplaces are decorated for the holiday season, which means that if your workplace is a pet-friendly one, you need to take extra care:

  • Be careful with holiday candles; pets can accidentally knock them over. If candles are part of your holiday decorations, place them out of reach or, better yet, use electric candles instead.
  • Watch your pet’s diet. Many holiday foods that humans enjoy can be toxic to pets. Limit their consumption to safe pet food.
  • Keep hazards out of their reach, such as gift wrapping paper, tree ornaments, holiday plants (such as poinsettas and mistletoe), tinsel and the electrical cords used to power holiday lights. Be extra careful with decorations such as snow globes. They can fall, break and spill out their contents which are harmful to pets.
  • Exercise extra care with the Christmas tree. Pets can tip over trees, chew on fallen pine needles or drink from the water used to keep the tree fresh (which may have chemicals in it to prolong the trees life – they are not safe for pets to ingest).
  • Have a plan to deal with holiday noise made by visiting guests or loud music, which may cause stress to your dogs and cats.
  • Share these tips with your employees who have pets, to ensure that pets are safe during the holidays, both at the office and at home.

My good friend, Sharon, who operates a local small business, Pet Taxi, gave me these Christmas stockings, hand-made by another local women-owned business, and embroidered with the names of my cocker spaniels. Each is filled with safe doggy treats and chews. So Coco and Henry are included in the holiday festivities, including an office party, but in a way that ensures they remain safe.