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Historic Climate Agreement is Achieved

Friday, December 11th, 2015
Successful Conclusion to the Climate Talks in Paris

Successful Conclusion to the Climate Talks

This evening, 195 nations reached a historic agreement committing nearly every country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of changing the trajectory of climate impacts. The agreement is the culmination of nine years of negotiations that, until recently, seemed politically impossible. The breakthrough may have been achieved just last month when the U.S. and China agreed to jointly pursue plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Along the lines of what the UN Member States had negotiated for the Hyogo and Sendai disaster risk reduction frameworks, countries that signed the agreement are required to monitor, verify and report their achievements in reducing carbon emissions. As climate impacts are correlated with more extreme and volatile weather patterns, the climate agreement is an important contribution to the work of disaster risk reduction.  In the coming weeks, I will blog about the work that Prisere LLC is undertaking that is the result of this historic agreement.