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National Clean Out Your Computer Day

Monday, February 9th, 2015
Time to Clean Up

Time to Clean Up

Since the year 2000, the second Monday in February is designated National Clean Out Your Computer Day. There is a day for everything and this one was originally sponsored by the Institute for Business Technology. We waste time in our work spaces searching for files or over-writing files that are no longer current. We also waste time due to the environmental effect of being surrounded by clutter, both physical and digital. So today is an opportunity for us to clean up our computer workspaces.

Check with your legal counsel to confirm the time period that you are required to retain certain types of files (such as human resources records) and when you may purge obsolete files. Make sure you follow proper procedures to purge computer files as there are ways of recovering information if it is not properly deleted.

And then review to make sure that everyone is following the correct procedures for naming and storing computer files, thereby saving you time and frustration in your work. Take a few moments to organize your desktop and synch all of the newly updated files with your mobile devices. You will feel more productive when you have finished these tasks. And your business will be more resilient – because when a disruption occurs, you really don’t want to be searching through out of date files to find what you urgently need.