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Photographing Assets

Friday, July 30th, 2010
Worth Recording

Worth Recording

As I look forward to August, I am planning to update my digital photographs and video records of key assets. Digital images help to document hard-to-value assets, such as artwork, for example. I generally use the month of August to get caught up on all of my nagging chores, because most people I need to see are on vacation, so little gets done during this month. It seems that everything is in freeze-frame as we wait to resume normal activity after Labor Day. But particularly with this severe heat and humidity, I’d rather stay indoors and put my home and office in order. Then I can make a fresh start in autumn.

In addition to taking digital photographs of new items or updating records for old ones, I will be scanning in and digitizing key documents for online storage. Of course, these files will also be backed up offsite for remote retrieval. I hope I will never need them, but the peace of mind is priceless. I thought of peace of mind today when looking at the newspaper photographs of the wildfires raging in southern California. Everyone always regrets losing precious memories in the form of family photographs. Make sure yours are safely backed up.