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Arctic Chill in the Northeast Today!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016
Special Needs in the Winter

Special Needs in the Winter

Last week, operators of New England’s ski resorts were devising creative ways to draw in customers during unusually balmy weather. Mountains lacking snow were transformed into fun trails for kids to descend by large rolling tires; it isn’t skiing, but it brings in some revenue. Today, it feels like winter is finally here with the National Weather Service warning of bitter cold wind chills of 15 below zero. If you are in the area, and you must go outdoors even for a short time, be sure to dress in layers of loose fitting clothing.

And give some thought to the special needs of the animals in your care at this time. If you have a pet-friendly office, as I do, consider that the paws of cats and dogs are sensitive to the salt used on snowy roads. I protect Coco’s paws with a thin layer of petroleum jelly before taking her for short walks in the snow season; Henry doesn’t seem to be sensitive at all. I also make sure to frequently replace the bird fountain with water before it can freeze over, so the birds have something to drink. I also leave suet for them as it may be more difficult for them to find food. They don’t all migrate to the south at this time of year.

It seems a bit jarring to go from one weather extreme to the other. Last weekend, people in my neighborhood were wearing shorts and T-shirts. Today, everyone has wool coats, hats and mittens. It seems volatile weather patterns are becoming the “new normal”.