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Winter Storm Jonas

Sunday, January 24th, 2016
This Weekend in New York

This Weekend in New York

Winter Storm Jonas covered the Northeast corridor with more than two feet of snow from Washington, D.C. through southern New England . The storm hit New York City on January 22 and continued through January 24. Heavy snow also impacted other parts of the country, with fourteen states receiving at least a foot of snow this past weekend. The highest recorded snowfall occurred in parts of West Virginia, with accumulations of more than 42 inches. For several locations on the East Coast, Winter Storm Jonas is the largest snowstorm on record.

Snowstorms represent a greater hazard to communities unprepared or unaccustomed to dealing with them. When I lived in Switzerland, a major snowfall was not a significant event. In New York City, the day after the snowfall, you wade through the melted slush as many areas lack proper drainage. Driving is hazardous, particularly in traditionally warmer climates. Do you remember the commotion that resulted not too long ago when Atlanta was struck by a snowstorm? If you or your employees drive in connection with your work commute or your work responsibilities (such as making deliveries), be sure employees understand safe driving practices in winter weather.

Allow extra time to arrive at your destination so you may drive more slowly and safely. Be sure that the gas tank of your vehicle is at least half full, as you may need to run the engine just to stay warm should you be delayed. Confirm that each of your company vehicles (or personal automobiles if employees use their own cars for work or commuting purposes) have emergency kits including a snow brush, flashlight (check the batteries), blanket, extra washer fluid, etc. Make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged should you need to call for help. Remember that tire pressure drops in very cold weather; verify that the tire pressure is adequate for safe handling of the vehicle.  Have your vehicle serviced by a qualified mechanic or technician to make sure that the car is safe to drive and all of the fluids (such as the windshield washer fluid) are topped up. And if you can avoid driving in the snowstorm, do so, work from home if possible.