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Weather Headlines

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

My Weekend!

Today’s headlines on the Weather Channel’s website illustrate the diverse, crazy events across the U.S.:

  • “3 Dead After Strong Storm in Southern Missouri” describes a severe storm that struck the St. Louis area. Local authorities are trying to determine if the storm was a tornado or powerful straight-line winds.
  • “California: Last Rain of the Season” is the headline leading a story about heavy rainfall during California’s traditional dry season.  This headline is followed by
  • “Tender, Dry Conditions Keep West Fires Burning”. The largest wildfire in New Mexico’s recorded history covering 377 square miles required an evacuation of the area. Progress in containing the western flank of the fire gave officials sufficient confidence to allow residents and business owners to return to Mogollon, a small private run ghost town in the area.
  • “Flooding Leaves Midwest Farms Buried in Sand” informs us of the challenges in removing sand, which doesn’t hold water and nutrients as soil does, to clear farmland.

And on the East Coast, we experienced heavy rain and record high tides. I took this photograph over the weekend, showing a tree knocked over by the storm. Fortunately, no one was harmed and the parking space was vacant.  But the message to take to heart is that we must be prepared for any type of weather, as past patterns appear to have limited predictive value.