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It’s Raining Losses

Monday, June 29th, 2009
Rainbow Over Geneva, Not New York

Rainbow Over Geneva, Not New York

Everyday disasters are taking their toll on small businesses in New York City where 21 of the 26 days of the month to date have been rainy and unseasonably cold. Businesses that cater to outdoor pursuits, such as street vendors, outdoor caf├ęs, sports entertainers, beach vendors, Central Park carriage rides, amusement parks and others have seen dramatic declines in seasonally-adjusted revenues for the month of June.
Cumulative rainfall in New York City for the month of June is close to nine inches. I suppose the bright side is that umbrella vendors may be faring well this month. The economic impact of the rainfall is unlikely to make the news; news media prefer more dramatic, and less frequent disasters, such as major hurricanes. But this certainly illustrates how the everyday disasters are often ruinous to small businesses. I photographed this rainbow appearing over Lake Geneva when I lived in Switzerland. Unfortunately, for New York City small business owners, the rainbow has not yet appeared.