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Severe Flooding in Eastern and Central Europe

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Heavy rainfall over a period of days ruptured river bank dykes and triggered flash flooding in low lying areas of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Strong winds accompanied the heavy rain, causing power outages and disrupting transportation. At least twelve people have been killed with thousands of homes and businesses flooded. Southern Poland was hit the hardest; experiencing the worst floods in ten years after the Vistula River burst a dyke. Government officials in Poland estimate the flood damage to be in excess of 2 billion or US$2.5 billion. Following on the worst floods in 200 years in Rhode Island and the worst floods in 500 years in Tennessee, the weather patterns of extreme frequency and severity are alarming. Make certain your flood insurance is up to date. In any given year, 30% of the properties that flood are located in regions that have never before flooded or are not located in identified flood plains. In other words, you can’t necessarily assume that your property is not at risk for its location.