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Paperback Edition on Its Way

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Paperback EditionLater this month, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. will publish the paperback version of the second edition of Prepare for the Worst, Plan for the Best: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery for Small Businesses. The list price will be $24.95, but most major retailers typically discount 30% off of list prices, bringing the price of the book down to the $16 – $17 range. This will make the book more affordable to a broader audience, so I am very pleased about that. I also love the new cover; the image of falling dominoes originally appeared on this site, on the first link to the home page. I look forward to meeting as many readers as possible when the new book comes out and am preparing to update my calendar and this site for that happy event.

This paperback version represents the second edition, which is newly updated with 40% new content from when the book was originally published. At that time, we were early in our own disaster recovery process and still held out the hope that promises made by the federal, state and city governments would materialize. Having now worked through the complete recovery process, and seeing how those “aid” programs worked out, I can share that information with small business owners across the country. I think that this is particularly important as you have very little margin for error in recovering from a disaster. We have seen the same themes, time and time again, from what happened to small businesses in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in Florida in 1992 to, more recently, what happened to small businesses in the aftermath of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike and the Iowa floods. There should be more national learning taking place, and I think that this might be a unique contribution to help other small businesses that find themselves in this difficult position. It can be comforting to know that you are not alone, that others have worked through this process and what worked and what failed.

Going for the Greens in Orlando

Saturday, September 20th, 2008
Go for it! Going for the greens with NAWBO at Walt Disney World

Go for it! Going for the greens with NAWBO at Walt Disney World

Yesterday, I had the privilege to participate in the “Go for the Greens” conference held at the Disney Boardwalk Hotel on the Walt Disney Resort property. The conference was hosted by the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, UPS and Walt Disney World. Diane Sears, the Co-Chair of the Steering Committee, was kind enough to invite me to speak. Participants were welcomed to the program with an ambitious agenda: “This conference is all about access. It’s about giving women business owners access to people who can help them grow their businesses at a faster rate, and giving corporate, government and nonprofit leaders access to terrific, women-owned businesses….The conference’s programming is designed at a 303 level, rather than 101, to show our respect for your experience. We know you’re not interested in training wheels. You want to rev up your economic engine and take off.”

I joined Molly Gimmel, a fellow NAWBO member and CEO of Design to Delivery Inc., in leading a breakout educational session “What Your Competitors Don’t Know About Contracting”. One of the key messages to differentiate yourself from the competition is to think about your the reliability and resilience of your business. Many Fortune-500 companies and government purchasing agencies, as part of their disaster preparedness efforts, are evaluating the resilience of their supply chains. As part of their vendor due diligence, they are examining the disaster preparedness of prospective suppliers. Show the procurement officer that you have a credible disaster plan in place to help you meet your deliverables in the event of an unexpected disruption and you are better positioned to win the business. This was a particularly appropriate topic to discuss at this time, as September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. Preparing your business is part of growing your company and taking it to the next level.

In addition to leading this breakout educational session, I participated in a number of matchmaker events with corporate procurement executives. But most important of all, “Go for the Greens” afforded me the chance to connect with old friends while enjoying the hospitality as a guest of Disney.