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The One Year Anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Thursday, January 7th, 2016
Still Supporting Charlie

Still Supporting Charlie

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine in Paris. Earlier today, French police shot dead a man who attempted to attack a Paris police station to commemorate the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The man claimed to be part of a terrorist network. On a happier note, cartoonists worldwide recognized the significance of today with their own artistic expressions. Rod Emmerson, an editorial cartoonist from New Zealand, was among those who honored the victims and expressed solidarity with the magazine’s current staff. After the initial attacks, “Je suis Charlie” became a rallying cry to express support for the victims of the terrorist attacks ahd the right to free speech in a democratic society. The cartoon Emmerson published today is shown to the right with the words “Je Reste Charlie” which means “I remain Charlie”.

No matter what would transpire today, it was almost guaranteed to be a stressful experience for residents of Paris. Anniversaries of tragic losses and disasters can provoke feelings of anxiety, even if we are unaware of them. One of the New Orleans small business leaders with whom I work has pronounced personality changes on the anniversaries of the day Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. She suffered devastating losses as a result of the storm; her home had to be completely demolished. For those who have experienced losses, an explicit recognition that anniversary dates will be stressful can help with coping. Just being aware that September 11th will always be an emotional day for me empowers me to better manage my own emotions. And for those who didn’t experience such losses, acknowledging the significance of the day for those who were affected is a gesture that is always appreciated.