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New Jersey Small Business Clinic

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

An Entrepreneur in the SenateI snapped this picture of New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg delivering the lunchtime address at the New Jersey Small Business Clinic on Friday. The event was held on the campus of the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, which hosts the largest technology incubator in the country, housing nascent start-ups in industries from life sciences to software. The Senator is an entrepreneur himself having joined with two partners to found Automatic Data Processing, or ADP, the country’s first payroll processing company. Lautenberg served as chairman and chief executive officer of ADP which grew into one of the world’s largest computing services companies. The senator spoke about the small business jobs bill that was recently signed into law. The senator’s staff organized this clinic, which featured workshops and sessions with banks lending in the community. Newark Mayor Corey Booker welcomed us with the opening breakfast session. I try to attend events such as this one when time permits, as entrepreneurship is a team sport. It renews my motivation to connect with others and discuss issues of common concern. I enjoyed a particularly interesting conversation over lunch when I was seated with a production team from WNJN News concerning the cutbacks in coverage for local news events. You never know who you will meet at these events.