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Let’s Avoid Complacency with IT Security

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Under the headline “Angry, Angry IT Guy Goes to Jail”, Silicon Valley blog Valleywag reports that “IT contractor Steven Barnes will serve a year in prison and pay $54,000 in restitution after being convicted of logging into a client’s network and deleting the Exchange database, among other things. Barnes claimed he acted after coworkers from Blue Falcon Networks, now known as Akimbo Systems, came to his home and took away his personal computers by force. Barnes reconfigured Blue Falcon’s server as an open relay for spammers, causing the company to be automatically blacklisted from delivering real mail.” Add this to the recent reminder I had posted of what to do to ensure that your IT systems are secure. Reinstating your e-mail privileges once your company is blacklisted is a major undertaking that you want to avoid at all costs.