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Impact of Climate Change on the Gulf Coast

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Looking Into the FutureA new study released by Entergy Corporation reports that climate change, economic development and land subsidence risks could cost communities in the Gulf Coast states over $350 billion in cumulative economic losses in the next 20 years. Already, wind and storm surge damage today cost this region $14 billion annually. But by 2010, such losses could reduce GDP by 2 – 3 percent each year.

The study on the economics of climate adaptation across the Gulf Coast states examined 77 coastal parishes and counties in four energy-producing states, including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The analysis focused on the potential impact of natural hazards on key sectors to the regional economy, particularly the electric utility and oil and gas industries. My former employer, Swiss Reinsurance Company, contributed its expertise to this research. To read the report, “Shaping Climate-Resilient Development”, click here.