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California Launches First State Disaster Corps

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger launched the first state Disaster Corps to train and coordinate the activities of disaster volunteers across California. “California is always leading the way and now we are the first state in the nation to integrate volunteers into our state emergency plan,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “Volunteers are an incredible resource, and no state has more giving, more passionate or more dedicated volunteers than California. Together, we will take volunteerism to a whole new level and make California better prepared and better equipped than ever before, for any emergency.”

With fewer financial resources to support government programs, policymakers have to be more creative to do more with less. “Government can’t do it all by itself,” said California Emergency Management Agency Secretary Matthew Bettenhausen. “Being ready for the next disaster, and ensuring an effective response, includes taking advantage of the many contributions and passion of citizens who care deeply about their communities.” If your business has operations in California, do look into the resources available for coordinating disaster response and update your business plan accordingly.